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Service Provided

The phone consultation involves a functional medicine centered analysis of your kidney disease.  This includes an extensive exploration of your medical history, examinations, diagnostic results, nutrition, lifestyle and family/genetic/environmental history. 


The process comprises of six steps:

  • Emailing all relevant records related to your medical history including diagnostic results;

  • Completing a questionnaire detailing your current diet, lifestyle and family/genetic/environmental history;

  • Scheduling a phone consultation with Dr. Samra;

  • Tendering payment to Dr. Samra;

  • Engaging in a phone consultation with Dr. Samra (one hour).  A family member may listen and participate; and,

  • A follow up email from Dr. Samra summarizing the main points from the phone consultation.

Dr. Samra offers follow up phone consultations if requested and deemed beneficial at a reduced rate. 

The consultation is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, medical treatment or medicine in the sense of diagnosing and treating you. Nor should the consultation be interpreted or construed as a substitution for the medical advice or treatment you have, are or will receive.

The consultation shall provide you with information and education to help you positively affect kidney disease from progressing and shall be provided periodically as both you and Dr. Samra deem appropriate. It should be adopted in conjunction with the medical advice and treatment you have received, are receiving or will receive.


You are advised to seek, retain and continue to medical personnel to obtain medical treatment and advice. You are encouraged to inform your medical personnel about the details of this consultation.


You should not contact Dr. Samra in case of a medical emergency. You should call 9-1-1 in that case.

Dr. Manpreet Samra offers phone consultations for any person suffering from kidney disease or kidney related issues. 

Our goal

The goal of the phone consultation is to provide you with information to help you positively affect kidney disease from progressing.

It is not intended to substitute the medical treatment and opinions you are may be receiving from a medical doctor.  The information provided by Dr. Samra is intended to be adopted in conjunction with the medical advice and treatment you have received, are receiving or will receive.  This will put you in the best position to successfully battle kidney disease.


The consultation includes an extensive review of the records you email, completed questionnaire and tendering a closing email summarizing the phone consultation.  Any additional phone consultations or emails will incur an additional charge. 

Kidney Disease Nutrition
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