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Please contact us at if any of your questions are not answered below. 

1) What is kidney disease?

Kidney disease essentially means that one’s kidneys are damaged in that they cannot filter blood like they should.  This causes waste to build up in the body.


2) What are the most common underlying causes of kidney disease?

Diabetes and high blood pressure.


3) What happens if I have kidney disease?

It depends on the severity.  It could lead to chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, dialysis and death.


4) What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is personalized medicine.  It stresses the importance of discovering the underlying causes of a disease, in this case kidney disease, by fostering a therapeutic relationship between yourself and a functional medicine practitioner. 


5) What information will I receive if I opt for a phone consultation?

The first element to receiving information that may help you battle kidney disease is learning about your medical history, diagnostic results, lifestyle, diet and family/environmental/genetic history.  Based on this, Dr. Samra will delve into the analyzing and sharing the changes you can immediately make to your lifestyle and diet to help fight off the progression of kidney disease.  In short, you will hear a functional medicine approach to your kidney disease. 


6) How much does a phone consult cost?

Dr. Samra charges a reasonable rate for her consultations; however, the cost of a consultation varies according to the time necessary for a full and thorough consultation.  Therefore, please contact us so we can fully understand your medical issues, concerns and in turn provide an accurate fee for a consultation.   


7) Will my consult be with Dr. Samra?



8) What are Dr. Samra’s qualifications?

Dr. Samra is a board certified internal medicine doctor, general nephrologist, transplant nephrologist and functional medicine practitioner.

9) Should I stop seeing or seeking treatment for my kidney disease if I consult with Dr. Samra?

No. The consultation is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, medical treatment or medicine in the sense of diagnosing and treating you. Nor should the consultation be interpreted or construed as a substitution for the medical advice or treatment you have, are or will receive.


The consultation shall provide you with information and education to help you positively affect kidney disease from progressing and shall be provided periodically as both you and Dr. Samra deem appropriate.


It should be adopted in conjunction with the medical advice and treatment you have received, are receiving or will receive. You are advised to seek, retain and continue to medical personnel to obtain medical treatment and advice. You are encouraged to inform your medical personnel about the details of this consultation.


You should not contact Dr. Samra in case of a medical emergency. You should call 9-1-1 in that case.


10) How can I submit a payment?

Electronically is preferred.  This includes Venmo, Paypal or bank wire.  Payment instructions will be provided prior to the phone consultation.

Kidney Disease Wellness
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