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Kidney disease nutrition
A Functional Medicine approach to treating the underlying reasons of kidney disease 

One experiences a rush of emotions and thoughts when faced with the prospect of treating this disease.  We understand this. 


We also understand the scientific validity in modern medicine to positively affect the progression of kidney disease.  This is a critical component to living with kidney disease.


Yet, there’s a complementary component to successfully treating kidney disease that is overlooked and not discussed: applying the tenets of functional medicine to slowing the progression of kidney disease.


That’s where we come in.


Manpreet Samra, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology and completed a fellowship in transplant nephrology.  In addition, Dr. Samra is a board certified functional medicine practitioner. 


It’s this precise knowledge and combination of modern medicine and functional medicine that will put you in the best position to successfully battle kidney disease.

Please thoroughly explore this site for more information and reach out to us if interested in a functional nephrology consultation.

Kidney disease is a life altering diagnosis. 
Kidney disease nutrition
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